Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Nostalgic......

Since the launch of Facebook, I have become more and more nostalgic. My sisters and I have poured through family photos, friends and classmate photos, and just getting in touch with friends lost!! It's funny how much stuff you realize you've forgotten.

I took a Facebook "test" the other day, "Who was your childhood crush" Or something along those lines...... It reminded me of a special and funny memory of my sister Elena, me and my grandmother "MA"! My grandmother had her makeup spread out all over her long kitchen table...... she had this metallic blue makeup "suitcase". Elena and I sat on the table while Ma made us up!! "Lane.... What do you want to be when you grow up honey?" Now, I don't really remember what Lana said, but I'm sure it was somewhere along the line of saving Mankind!
"Tray, what do you want to be sweetie?" "Black!" "Black??!!" "Yes.... I want to be black!!"
"Why??"........ "So I can marry The Electric Company guy!!"

Apparently nobody told me it was okay to stay brown and marry Morgan! He was my first crush..... My biggest crush....... I STILL love him today!! How can you not...... He's God for goodness sake!!!!
I still wouldn't mind being black either...... God if you're listening...... A bit on the Beyonce side please!!!! Thank you!!!



Mama said...

I'll fight you for him!!!!

alamodestuff said...

You put two of my favorites in one post - Morgan and Electric Company. I love you.

Susan said...

Just stumbling by but had to add - he is so totally the perfect God! Loved him as God in that movie. Although the Shawshank Movie was by far my favorite...what an amazing actor.