Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For Yo Baby Daddy!!!

My husband recently went home to Ormond Beach, Florida...... It was an old fashioned Southern family reunion, equipped with beehive hairdos, house coats, fried chicken and baked beans!!

He really misses his family!! I'm not sure, but I think his mom is starting to "feel" her age.... she made all these photo memory books and gave him all his trophies to take home! She also gave him a HUGE tackle box filled with vintage and antique fishing lures!

Most of these lures he couldn't bear to part with....... Others..... well, I was lucky, he gave em' to me!!! I made some great (well, I think so) Father's Day treats with them!!! I used beach stones from Rhode Island and California and paired them with some sweet lures!
I find it so hard to find "manly" gifts for our men!! How man ties and soap on a rope can one man pretend to love! These are cool.... functional..... can be used every day and HEY, if he's out around a lake one day..... he's prepared!!


alamodestuff said...

Love them and love the orange! Nice work!

Kristin said...

I didn't think anyone used the term "house coat" besides my grandmother!

Tracy said...

It's alive and well in FLA Kristin!!

RonanJames said...

LOVE them all, Mami!!!