Monday, July 21, 2008

Introducing Amy....... My first customer interview!

1. Tell me a little about yourself. Name. State. Life status. Interests.

Amy McGurk, still in my 30's
Nags Head, NC
Married 11 years
1 son, Matthew age 8
I work full time for a realty company on Hatteras Island.

2. First childhood beach memory.

Myrtle Beach, SC age 4 I guess, with my 4 siblings playing in the waves and finding lots of conchs.

3. Present beach stories.

I wake up early, around 5-ish and like clock work, slide on my flip flops and cross the street to the beach. I walk 2-3 miles depending on the wind. I have lived in Nags Head since 1996. I try my very best never to take my love of the ocean for granted. I am truly blessed to be lucky enough to be about 100 yards from the Atlantic.

4. How did you first come to love sea glass?

Completely by accident. I found a couple of pieces about 10 years ago. Not really knowing what it was...a friend informed me that I had a very rare piece of pink. I have been hooked ever since!

5. How did you first find my shop Sea Find Designs?

Searching online for somebody to do custom work. When I came across your ice cream cone necklace with a cherry on top, I was instantly in love with your work.

6. How do you take part in saving our environment?

I recycle and take a bag to the beach everyday to pick up trash left by inconsiderate others.

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